Award-winning guitarist

Jeff Aug

Jeff Aug has been touring as a solo guitarist for the last 25+ years in Europe and the United States, set two Guinness™ World Records, and landed a #1 album on the Apple iTunes Acoustic Music Charts in the United States.

Originally from Washington, DC, Jeff has been living in the Alps' foothills in Southern Germany for 20+ years. He has toured with Allan Holdsworth, Soft Machine, Stu Hamm, Greg Howe, Alex Skolnick, Carl Verheyen, Johnny A., Albert Lee, moe., and others. After setting the Guinness™ world record for the "Most concerts performed in different countries in 24 hours" twice (2009, 2012), Jeff featured on NPR's show Morning Edition. Besides his solo work, Jeff Aug currently leads the instrumental rock outfit Ape Shifter and performs as guitarist for the British artist Anne Clark.

Tour Dates

* Solo show

# Ape Shifter


+ As guitarist for Anne Clark


% Dead Tuna together with Hans Penzoldt on harmonica!



"Solo & Instrumental" Tour 2023
08.02.2023 DE-Braunschweig, KuFa
09.02.2023 DE-Göttingen, Nörgelbuff
10.02.2023 DE-Lübeck, Tonfink
11.02.2023 DE-Lübbecke, (privat)
12.02.2023 DE-Brühl, Kornkammer
13.02.2023 DE-Weimar, Kulturzentrum mon ami
14.02.2023 DE-Hamburg, Cowboy & Indianer*  
15.02.2023 DE-Hamburg, Cowboy & Indianer*
16.02.2023 DE-Berlin, Zimmer16
17.02.2023 DE-Dresden, Spiegelsaal Niederwartha
18.02.2023 DE-Fürth, Kofferfabrik
23.02.2023 DE-Stuttgart, BIX**
24.02.2023 DE-München, Unterfahrt**
25.02.2023 AT-Hard, Kammgarn**
26.02.2023 DE-Ulm, Roxy**
27.02.2023 DE-Weinheim, Muddy´s**
28.02.2023 DE-Fürth, Kofferfabrik**
01.03.2023 CZ-Prague, JazzDock**
02.03.2023 DE-Berlin, Quasimodo**
03.03.2023 PL-Szczecin, Free Blues Club**
04.03.2023 DE-Nordhausen, Jugendclubhaus Nordhausen**
05.03.2023 DE-Passau, Café Museum**
07.03.2023 DE-Mainz, M8**
08.03.2023 FR-Paris, Le Triton**
09.03.2023 NL-Zoetermeer, Boerderij**
10.03.2023 DE-Hamburg, Kent Club**
11.03.2023 DE-Hildesheim, Kufa**
12.03.2023 DE-Dortmund, Domicil**
13.03.2023 FR-Nancy, MAI International**
14.03.2023 CH-Schaffhausen, Kammgarn**
15.03.2023 IT-Milano, Blue Note**
17.03.2023 HU-Budapest, Budapest Jazz Club**
18.03.2023 PL-Jaworki, Muzyczna Owczarnia**
**as support for SCOTT HENDERSON TRIO
*special rockin´ acoustic country blues show   

The new APE SHIFTER vinyl record album Monkey Business is available for U.S. customers.  The official release date is 31.March 2023, but if you want to get a pre-release day copy, then send me an and I´ll give you the lowdown!

"Monkey Business" Tour 2023
presented by Eclipsed & Guitar Magazine
31.03.2023 DE-Ulm, Jugendtreff Hexenhaus
01.04.2023 DE-Immenstadt, TimeOut Jugendhaus
02.04.2023 AT-Salzburg, Rockhouse
03.04.2023 DE-Reutlingen, FranzK
04.04.2023 DE-Köln, Sonic Ballroom
08.04.2023 DE-Annaberg-Buchholz, Alte Brauerei
14.04.2023 HR-Zagreb, TBA
15.04.2023 SI-Ljubljana, Channel Zero
21.04.2023 DE-Heilbronn, Emma23
22.04.2023 DE-Karlsruhe, KoHi
27.04.2023 DE-Berlin, TBA
28.04.2023 DE-Husum, Speicher TBC
30.04.2023 DE-Hamburg, Bambi Galore

We are looking to add more dates, so if you want Ape Shifter in your town, just get in touch!

See you at the show!


Live In Europe (2016)
Wedding Song (2012)
Living Room Sessions (2009)
Before Then After (1998)
In The Breezeway (1997)
The Last Enlightening Moment Before Sleep Prevails (1995)
Floating Stone: Arco's Third Eye (2007)
Floating Stone: Segue (2002)

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9 shows in 9 countries in 24 hours

Performing nine concerts in nine countries, Jeff set a new Guinness™ world record for 'Most concerts performed in different countries in 24 hours' on March 3rd, 2012.

Over his career, Jeff has played many shows, in many cities, in many countries.


Endorsing the best in modern guitar equipment.

Jeff Aug proudly uses and endorses EVH & Charvel guitars, D'Addario strings, Dunlop guitar picks, AER acoustic amplifiers, Floyd Rose Tremolo Systems, Fishman Acoustic Guitar Pick-Ups, Earebel, and Dunlop & Planet Waves Guitar Accessories.

Jeff has been featured in numerous guitar magazines worldwide (including Guitar Player, Guitar, Gitarist, Akustik Gitarre, Guitar Acoustic, etc.).

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The lights go down, and we’re ready for some hardcore Holdsworth action. And then Jeff Aug steps out, with an acoustic six-string, and hammers seven shades of shale out of it. Support acts usually have only one purpose, and that is to suck. They’re the ugly friend you go to the bar with when you’re out to score. They’re the bad stats you give the boss before you present him with the report on how you are going to save the company. They have a place in life, a rung on the ladder, and they’d better not blow the main act out of the water.


It is a brave lead guitarist who has Jeff Aug open for him. Playing what can only be described as high-speed country funk, he shreds his way up and down the strings with breathtaking speed. He also provides his own percussion, striking the body of the instrument hard enough to sound like a bass drum. This is extreme acoustic guitar and extremely good, rendering the audience unusually silent.

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Bayern, Germany

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